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EXORCISTS LOCAL 667: Series Synopsis

Created by:
Todd Faulkner & Nicole Greevy

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Exorcists Local 667 follows Edwin Lang, a Libertarian exorcist cursed by his Socialist ex-girlfriend to serve a 50 year term as the unwilling president of a mystical union for exorcists, witches and others who “walk in the netherworlds on a professional basis.”

Vehemently opposed to anything remotely resembling teamwork, Edwin must collaborate with a friendly demon, sentient zombie (“Undead American”), know-it-all prophetess and, worst of all, his pregnant ex-girlfriend, to save the universe and, he hopes, get out of the new union and go back to being a (self-proclaimed) loose cannon.

About the Creators

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TODD FAULKNER (Co-Creator; Director) is co-creator of the upcoming podcast, Uncanny County (a series of paranormal tales in the form of modern-day radio plays) and is currently in rewrites on his first novel, The Big Wake. He co-produced/directed Living in Captivity (an independent comedy pilot about zookeepers), which was an official selection of both the New York Television Festival and the Los Angeles Independent Television Festival. He has written and directed many independent comedic short films as well as educational short films for the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Central Park Zoo. 
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NICOLE GREEVY (Co-Creator; Producer) is a writer and producer on the upcoming podcast ncanny County (a series of paranormal tales in the form of modern-day radio plays). She has written educational theatre for the Wildlife Conservation Society (as well as all of the short films Todd directed for them) and the Zoological Society of Milwaukee. She has written several short plays, both solo and with her writing partners of Numerical Productions, including the independent pilot Living in Captivity and several screenplays.

Created by: Todd Faulkner & Nicole Greevy


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